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Tree Service New Castle NSW is one of the leading tree service companies in the region. We have a wide range of services to offer and you will never be disappointed. One of the common calls that we receive is in regards to stumps that were left in yards and gardens. We have the experience and the right tools to remove the stump easily. Stump grinding is a process that allows us to break down the stump into small wood chips and sawdust. This goes below the ground level and you will have a freed up space.

Stump Removal or Stump Grinding?

While there may be so many tree companies, some of them do not have the skills to complete the task. This is the main reason why homeowners are left with stumps to deal with. Our tree removal process is complete and will entail the removal of the stumps. There are two ways to deal with the stumps in your yard; you can have them removed or ground. We recommend grinding the bigger stumps as this is much easier. As for the younger trees, we can easily dig them out.

Our intention is to ensure that you have a beautiful and leveled garden, without the stumps. In all honesty, when you have some old and decaying tree stumps in your garden, they tend to take away all the beauty of your garden. As such, you may have invested in very beautiful plants, but the stumps will overshadow this.

Why Stump Grinding is Useful

The best way to improve the curb appeal of your lawn, is by ensuring that there are stumps. Through stump grinding, you are able to eliminate the stumps and this makes it easier to manicure your garden. For instance, even when you have to mow the lawn, it will be so much easier. At the end of it all, this will also increase the value of your property. In the event that you want to resell your house, it will fetch a better price.

Did you know that leaving stumps in the garden to decay naturally can be hazardous to the other plants? This will be triggered by the fact that the stumps will create a place for pests and parasites to breed and this will be transmitted to the other plants. This will be detrimental and will affect your entire garden. As such, when you have trees removed, the process should be done to the end, whereby the stumps are removed as well.

Professional Stump Grinding

Tree Service New Castle NSW offers all-round tree service, with stump grinding being part of our specialties. We have modern grinders that are powerful and can handle any size of stump. We have knowledgeable experts, who are qualified and have the right skills to deal with stumps. You are guaranteed the best tree service when you come to us. Give us a call today and we will be happy to give you free consultation and a free estimate.

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